Pre-K (age 2 1/2 – 4) & Kinderdance (age 5 & 6)
A wonderful introduction to the fundamentals of movement, music, body awareness and self-expression. Incorporating basic ballet and tap

These classes introduce the dancer to a variety of art forms such as tap and jazz.

Ballet introduces and develops the creative discipline of classical dance. It is the foundation of all dance forms and is strongly recommended to all students. Class begins with exercises at the barre for alignment, flexibility, and coordination, then moves center to the basic steps and patterns of dance.

POINTE (Invitation only)
Pointe class is learning to dance on your toes. No child will be put on pointe shoes until they are physically ready. It is not based on age or how many years you have been dancing but instead on your ability to use proper ballet technique and your leg, ankle and foot strength.

Technical warm-up, center isolations, floor and/or barre stretches, dance combinations. Jazz technique develops strength, coordination and the controlled movement of each part of the body.

A syncopated stylized form of movement, in which the student emphasizes the steps by rhythmic tapping on the floor with the heels and toes.

ACRO(beginner/intermediate)(ages 5-12)
This class is designed for individuals interested in learning tumbling skills. The student will work on individual progression for floor exercise skills, strength and flexibility.

A class most kids love, incorporating todays most popular music for warmups, across the floor and combinations. Some Jazz is incorporated along with some of todays dance styles of locking, popping and street jazz. Hip hop while still having certain technique is a much looser body movement.

CONTEMPORARY/LYRICAL                                                                                                                Contemporary dance involves incorporating aspects of movement from several other genres such as jazz, modern and ballet. Usually telling a story in the movements. It is one of the most competitive styles as of recent years. While there is technique it is also very free with the movement.